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33% Average Reduction in TAT

Our Fixed Assets Management System (FAMS) plays a crucial role in streamlining the accounting process for the company’s fixed assets. By utilizing FAMS, we are able to significantly reduce the Turnaround Time (TAT) required for accounting tasks related to fixed assets. Additionally, our system ensures accurate calculation of depreciation in accordance with statutory laws.

Previously, the company relied on Excel Sheets to manage fixed assets accounting. However, this approach proved to be both time-consuming and challenging. Maintaining records of fixed assets on spreadsheets not only consumed valuable time but also made it difficult to effectively manage the records of asset sales and disposals.

With the implementation of FAMS, we have overcome these challenges and improved the efficiency of the company’s accounting processes. Our system not only simplifies the management of fixed assets records but also provides a comprehensive solution for tracking the sale and disposal of assets.

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